Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Summer is almost here and soon it will be time to relax at the beach or in the backyard with a good book! Here are a few great memoirs to start you off:

Bradey, S. (2002). Ten things I learned from Bill Porter. Novato, CA: New World Library.

DeBaggio, T. (2003). Losing my mind: An intimate look at life with Alzheimer’s. New York: Free Press.

Karasik, J. (2003). The ride together: A brother and sister’s memoir of autism in the family. New York: Washington Square Press.

Linton, S. (2006). My body politic: A memoir. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Scdoris, R. (2006). No end in sight: my life as a blind Iditarod racer. New York: St. Martin’s Press

Stimpton, J. (2004). Alex: The fathering of a preemie. Chicago: Academy Chicago.

Tammet, D. (2007). Born on a blue day: Inside the extraordinary mind of an autistic savant: a memoir. New York: Free Press.

Taylor, J. B. (2006). My stroke of insight: A brain scientist’s personal journey. Bloomington, IN: Author.

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The Northwest Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Group said...

Willette, K. (2006) Some Things Are Unbreakable. Seattle: Coal Creek Press.

One family's experience, after the tragedy of a spinal cord injury.

Anonymous said...

Per request, I'm adding the book "Rescuing Jeffrey" by Richard Galli, which details the first 10 days following a diving accident that left his 17 yr old son Jeffrey a quadriplegic, and the decision that he and his family were forced to make regarding possibly taking him off life support. More information on this book and others by Richard can be found at