Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Encyclopedia

The CeDIR Library has just purchased a new reference for Autism.
Autism Spectrum Disorders is a great resource for parents, families, or professionals that would like to better understand affected children. A posted review says this about the book: This A-to-Z work contains original entries on the topic of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Entries include facts about disabilities, personal and historic perspectives, interventions, assessments, educational methods, trusted internet resources, and national organizations. The work outlines the contributions of founding researchers and other professionals and includes personal perspectives from individuals with ASD and their parents. It also includes lesson plans that can be implemented in a home, school, or community setting. No other such definitive resource exists that provides both educational and practical information related to ASD.
The Handbook is a two-volume set, and may be a little pricey for individuals looking to purchase it for themselves. Come check out our copy instead!
CeDIR Call Number 20.3 .A99 (V.1, V.2)

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