Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dream New Dreams

Guess what today is? No idea? Well it just happens to be the one-year anniversary for our Blog! That's right, one full year of posting blogs about various topics, resources, books, videos, and much more. All for you! So keep on coming back to check in with our blog postings as we continue to serve your disability-related information needs for the next year and the following years to come!

Now onward with the actual resource-related blog posting--
You Will Dream New Dreams: Inspiring Personal Stories by Parents of Children with Disabilities by Stanley Klein and Kim Schive is a compassionate, deeply felt collection of writings where real-life fathers and mothers of kids with cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, autism, mental retardation, and other life-changing illnesses speak from the heart on how they mourned for their child of their dreams, experienced the disappointment of letting go of certain expectations for their child and found the joy of discovering new dreams.

Interested in this wonderfully inspiring collection of stories? Contact us!
If you're not an Indiana resident and want to know where to find this here to find it at your local library.

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