Thursday, October 16, 2008

New materials on Down syndrome

Parents must make a lot of adjustments when a new bundle of joy arrives. And when that bundle of joy arrives with an extra 21st chromosome (the genetic cause of Down syndrome) there are usually a few more adjustments.

Last month a third edition of Babies with Down syndrome: A new parent's guide was released by Woodbine House, thoroughly updated and revised to include the latest information on caring for children with Down syndrome through the age of five. This latest edition is a comprehensive revision of the book and examines so much of what parents need to know about their child's medical, developmental, and educational needs. Authors include parents, an adult with Down syndrome, advocates, educators, early interventionists, medical professionals and legal experts.

Indiana residents interested in checking out this book can give us a call or send an email. Others can use to see about library holdings in their area.


Another new book from Woodbine House is Helping children with Down syndrome communicate better: Speech and language skills for age 6-14. This book is a follow-up to Dr. Libby Kumin's Early communication skills for children with Down syndrome, published in 2003.

Helping children with Down syndrome communicate better provides parents and professionals with information and resources during this age where the communication gap widens between children with Down syndrome and those without. The book includes a suggested reading list, sample evaluations and blank forms, resource guides and more.

Check to see if the book is available in your local library!

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