Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seizures & you

From the Epilepsy Foundation of America comes a disability awareness training kit called Seizures & you: Take charge of the facts: An epilepsy awareness program for teens. The kit includes everything you need to conduct a training: a facilitator's guide, slide printouts with presenter notes; matching worksheet; epilepsy fact sheet; student quiz, "Building on take charge of the facts" which is a guide for extending learning and deepening awareness about epilepsy. It also comes with a CD-ROM which includes a PowerPoint presentation, epilepsy fact sheet, matching worksheet and student quiz.

Eight quick read booklets round out the kit: Children & seizures, Driving & you, Questions & answers, Seizures & first aid, Seizures & safety, Seizures & sleep, Treatment & you, True or false? along with two quick guides: First aid for seizures; Recognise common symptoms of seizures.

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