Friday, October 1, 2010

Parents with intellectual disabilities

Praise for Parents with intellectual disabilities: Past, present and futures:

'The book discusses the experiences of parents with intellectual disabilities and their children, and also supports such parental training and the role of extended families. It is a very welcome contribution to a topic that tends to be negatively oversimplified.’
Jan Tøssebro, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

‘This is a unique exploration – from an international and multi-disciplinary perspective – of the lives and experiences of parents with intellectual disabilities, their children and the services that both enable and disable them in their parenting. Its combination of scholarly research and "insider" accounts makes it essential reading for researchers and practitioners around the world.’
Professor Dorothy Atkinson, The Open University, UK

‘This must-read book explores the experiences of mothers and fathers with intellectual disability and their children, contextualized within their communities. It investigates the systems and services that do or do not support successful parenting, and explores modern complexities of gender, terminology, citizenship, public policy, and human rights.’
Ruth Luckasson, Distinguished Professor of Education, University of New Mexico, US

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