Friday, June 17, 2011

Childhood Speech, Language, & Listening Problems

Got a child who needs help learning to talk, putting sentences together, following directions, or being understood? Check out the book, Childhood speech, language, & listening problems: What every parent should know. In this third edition, the author offers
  • A complete description of all major communication disorders: what to look for, how therapy would be carried out, and what you can do at home to help
  • Help with navigating the evaluation process, understanding report jargon, and acclimating to special education
  • Updated details about new interventions and cutting-edge research in the field
  • Expanded information about autism spectrum disorders, neurobiological disorders, and auditory processing disorders
  • A new chapter on social language skills, play concerns, and quirky behaviors
Interested? Send us an email at Or try or Evergreen to find it in a library near you.

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