Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Helping Children with Selective Mutism and Their Parents

Got a child in your class who is unwilling or refuses to speak? Helping Children with Selective Mutism and Their Parents: A Guide for School-based Professionals can help. Written for guidance counselors, teachers, principals and deans, school psychologists, and school-based social workers, this book educates readers about the nature of selective mutism and its most common clinical manifestations (such as social anxiety, oppositional behavior, and communication difficulties). Offering methods to determine the form and function of a child's chronically mute behavior, the book provides evidence-based strategies to enhance a child's verbal participation at school and in other social and academic activities.

To check out this title, email us at cedir@indiana.edu or use worldcat.org to find it in a library near you.

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rinebird said...

Great book. My granddaughter has SM.