Thursday, September 29, 2016

This is not the Abby show

This is not the Abby show is a 320-page novel about a seventh grader with ADHD who feels out of place in suburban Florida. She longs for the lights of Hollywood, knowing that some day she will be a star. But Abby is what they call "twice exceptional," meaning that she is gifted in one area (math and science) and struggles in another (ADHD). While she excels in math and science, she is failing English and is seriously angry with her teacher. And forgetting to take her medication is probably not helping matters. 

Abby ends up having to go to summer school rather than the summer camp that she has anticipated for months and decides to exact revenge on her teacher. When that goes awry and she is caught, Abby is not only in trouble with her parents but in trouble with the law! She knows that her ADHD sometimes shows up in negative ways, but what she learns that summer is that her disability can sometimes become her strengths as well.

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