Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Teacher's Guide to Special Education

A Teacher's Guide to Special Education is 182 pages of practical advice from a professor and a special education administrator with decades of combined experience in the field of disabilities. Both authors have spent many years in schools as special educators working with students with disabilities.

This book offers a look at what general educators need to know about the laws and processes found in special education and includes best practices for instruction in inclusive classrooms. The examples, action steps and more will boost the confidence of K-12 general ed teachers who find themselves supporting students receiving special ed services. Topics include:

  • The pre-referral, referral, and evaluation processes
  • Individualized education programs (IEPs) and the parties involved
  • Accommodations for students who do not quality for special education, including those covered by Section 504
  • Transition from preK to K-12 and from high school to postschool life
  • Classroom management and student behavior
  • Educational frameworks, instructional strategies, and service delivery options
  • Assessment, grades, graduation, and diplomas

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