Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life As We Know It

A father writes about his life raising a child with Down syndrome in Life As We Know It, one of the books currently on display at CeDIR. When his son Jamie is born in 1991, Michael Berube learns about the treatments available for developmental disabilities and the many ways in which Down syndrome is misunderstood by society. He also contemplates what it is to be human. He says in his book, "My job, for now, is to represent my son, to set his place at our collective table. But I know I am merely trying my best to prepare for the day he sets his own place. For I have no sweeter dream than to imagine that Jamie will someday be his own advocate, his own author, his own best representative." To read about the first four years of Jamie's life, check this title out at CeDIR today, or click here to find it at a library near you.

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