Friday, December 5, 2008

No More Meltdowns!

Meltdowns, every parent and teacher is familiar with them, but what do you do when your rewards and punishment system doesn't seem to be enough? Jed Baker, author of the Social Skills Picture Book series, has written a helpful guide for parents and educators to break through the "meltdown" cycle.

No More Meltdowns is separated into three sections: The Problem, The Solution and Plans for the Four Types of Meltdowns. In the first section Dr. Baker defines what a meltdown is and introduces the 4-step model for reducing meltdowns. In The Solution, in-depth explanations of each of the steps is presented. In the final section, the reader is practical advice for addressing each of the 4 types of meltdowns as well as tools to help make a personalized plan.

Not only is this book full of excellent advice, it is laid out in a reader friendly manner and includes quick reference guides presented in gray boxes that are easy to find and use so that readers can find the information they need quickly when they need it most!

Indiana residents interested in checking out No More Meltdowns can contact us at 800-437-7924. Not an Indiana resident? No worries find this book at a library near you with!

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