Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Universal Human Rights Month

Did you know that December is Universal Human Rights Month? Well now you do if you didn't already!

Know your rights or check them out here at this website on the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.

Check out these following new books pertaining to human rights:

The ABCs of the ADA: Your Early Childhood Program's Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act by Karren Ikeda Wood & Victoria Youcha. This book answers early childhood administrator's questions about legal issues surrounding inclusive programs and gives the reader everything they need to know to implement a successful plan that is in compliance with the ADA. The book also includes checklists, guidelines, and sample policy statements that programs can use to improve the physical accessibility of play areas, create parent handbook, operation manuals, etc.

Education for All: Critical Issues in the Education of Children and Youth with Disabilities
by Teresa Jimenez & Victoria Graf. This book is a result of the gathering of practitioners, advocates, policy makers, researchers, individuals with disabilities, and parents that gathered at Loyola Marymount University thirty years after the passing of the 1975 Education for All Handicapped Children Act to discuss the current practices in the field and make recommendations for the future.

If you are an Indiana resident and would like to borrow these books, contact us!

If you are not an Indiana resident, click here to go to WorldCat and find these books at your local library!

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