Friday, November 20, 2009

Arthritis Myths

Do your bones creak because of the cold? Because you slouch? Probably not. Causations like these are largely myths, as the Harvard Medical school points out in their article "Top 10 Things that Don't Cause Arthritis". Here are some mythical reasons for joint pain:

1) Overuse. Unless you're a jack-hammer operator or professional athlete, you are not at increased risk for arthritis.

2) Cold, damp weather. This belief is common, but scientifically unsupported.

3) Medications. The type of medicine that causes bone death is very, very rare.

4) Infections and vaccinations. Infectious diseases can cause arthritis, but only a small fraction of cases can be attributed to them.

5) Diet. What you eat has almost nothing to do with arthritis--though shoveling in the pie and french fries can lead to obesity, which worsens joint symptoms.

For the full list of myths with more extensive explanations, follow the link above.

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