Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Family Center on Technology and Disability Discussions

CeDIR received this press release from the Family Center on Technology and Disability in Washington D.C.:

"November Online Discussion has begun!

The Family Center on Technology and Disability invites you to join national AT experts Lisa Thumann and Karen Janowski to discuss a wide range of issues associated with instructional technology.

This is an opportunity to discuss both big-picture questions and the very particular ways in which teachers, therapists, parents, and students can use established and emerging technologies in ways that have proven effective in and out of the classroom. Whether you're interested in the growing use of social media tools, the current status of Universal Design for Learning, tech-supported professional development, or technology tools that link home and school, keeping up with technology requires commitment and we salute you for making the effort!"

Their website,, provides details on reading transcripts of discussions, requesting the Family Center's "AT Resources" CD-ROM, and registering for announcements.

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