Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcoming and Supporiting Students with TBI at IUB

Next Wednesday, January 20th, Rebecca Eberle from the IU Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences will present at an Accessible University session create awareness of how our campus can be as welcoming and supportive as possible to students with traumatic brain injury.

Eberle will discuss TBI, its impact on learning and brain organization, and social adjustment issues students with TBI face in university settings. The meeting will take place at noon in the Indiana Memorial Union Oak room.

The Accessible University series is a collaborative activity of IUB’s Disability Roundtable, coordinated by Vicki Pappas of the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community and Alice Voigt of the National Center on Accessibility. For further information about the Accessible University series or the Disability Roundtable, please feel free to contact Vicki or Alice.

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