Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gluten-Free Blogs

Having a condition like Celiac disease can feel incredibly isolating. While your peers chow down on Twinkies, you're stuck with faux Nutrigrain bars made from tapioca flour and chicory root. But you're not alone; the recent popularization of the internet has allowed people with celiac disease to connect with one another and easily find better recipes, new ingredients, and a host of other information easily. Here are some gluten-free blogs by writers with celiac disease who have found creative new ways to feed themselves and their families:

-Celiac Teen
Lauren is a Canadian teenager with celiac disease who is determined to "not let her health get in the way of life." In addition to typical teen topics like family and fashion, she blogs about her health, gluten-free product reviews, and her adventures in the kitchen.

-Gluten-Free Goddess
Formerly known as Karina's Kitchen, this personal blog has exploded into a full-service recipe site. Karina doesn't limit her options to substitutes for typical American fare--her dishes range from drinks like Banana-Apricot Hemp Smoothies to main courses like Curried Apple Chicken Stir-Fry to desserts like Pumpkin Chai Bread.

-Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef
Husband-and-wife team Shauna and "The Chef" share tidbits of their gluten-free life on an island off the coast of Washington state. Shauna has also written a successful memoir: Gluten-free girl: How I found the food that loves me back & how you can, too about her diagnosis and subsequent transformation of her attitude towards food. Make sure to find even more sites through her extensive blogroll (under "Links").

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