Friday, January 21, 2011

Video Contest from the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability

Attention, filmmakers! The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability is sponsoring a video contest entitled, "How do you get enough?" NCPAD is a nonprofit organization focused on physical activity and health promotion for people with disabilities.

Being physically active is good for everybody. This is especially true for people with disabilities who tend to participate in less physical activity, carry excess weight, and have higher rates of chronic heart disease and other health conditions. The intention of this video contest is to illustrate to society that people with disabilities do live healthy active lifestyles as well as share various ways to get physical activity for individuals with disabilities and activity limitations.

Whether it's indoor or outdoor, recreational or competitive, solo or team, easy or intensive, show us (and the rest of the world) how you (successfully or unsuccessfully) get enough activity in a 1- to 10-minute video clip! See the video contest rules and entry form at For a sample video, please visit

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