Thursday, March 13, 2008

Band-aides & Blackboards

Band-aides and Blackboards, a kid and teen friendly site designed by a nursing professor, helps children growing up with medical problems. The site gives kids a chance to read about others with chronic illnesses of all kinds and their experiences. There are age-appropriate stories about kids dealing with hospital visits, teasing, and siblings relationships The strength of this resource is the ability to meet kids on their level. Children may also submit their own stories, poems, and artworks for inclusion on the site.

The teen section is filled with nearly 50 stories written by teens about their lives and their health concerns, giving that hard-to-reach age group a chance to share experiences with each other.

The adult section of the site provides down-to-earth, non-academic information for parents and teachers: tips on coping, classroom activities, hospital orientation, and personal anecdotes.

Band-aides & Blackboards is a great resource for any child dealing with frequent health problems as well as for those trying to explain what chronic medical illness is like to those without disabilities.

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