Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where's Molly

Daly, J. (2007). Where's Molly [DVD recording]. Larkspur, CA: SFO Productions (Call Number: 54 .W5)

This documentary chronicles one man's search for his sister, Molly, who disappeared when she was three years old. Upon the death of his parents he learns that she had been placed in an institution for people with developmental disabilities.

Not only does this film shed light on the effects of institutionalization on the whole family, but it also highlights the difficulties, due to privacy laws, siblings face trying to find their lost brothers and sisters . In the end, the documentary is more the a message of hope, it is a powerful rally cry for those advocating for the rights of the family members of those who have been institutionalized.

For more information visit the "Where's Molly" website. Want to borrow this film? Indiana residents can email us at!

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