Friday, March 12, 2010

Keeping Disability Benefits after a Child with Disabilites Becomes an Adult

An SSD attorney in Chicago, Jeffrey A. Rabin & Assoc, released an article clarifying the rules of SSI today. "Many parents may believe that their disabled children will be able to continue receiving Social Security disability or SSI payments once they have reached 18 years old," it begins. "However, this is not necessarily true. The federal government uses a different standard to determine disability status for children than it does for adults. Once disabled children turn 18, they will lose their benefits if they do not meet the adult disability standards."

The authors detail how disability is determined for children and adults, and how parents can prepare for the transition across the 18th birthday. You can read the article here:

For more information on SSI, look into this title from the CeDIR library: Nolo's guide to Social Security Disability: getting & keeping your benefits. Email us for details on how to check it out.

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