Thursday, March 11, 2010

Next Tuesday: ADA Audio Conference

Next Tuesday, March 16th, the ADA will conduct a free audio conference on "Conducting Effective Accessibility Surveys."

This audio conference will explore the requirements to conduct accessibility surveys by business, government, and educational institutions to ensure that they meet the requirements of the ADA. Topics to be covered in Part 1 include what and how to measure, who is qualified to do a survey, and what tools are available to support surveys. A panel of experts, including Bill Hecker and Susanne Brueyere of Cornell University and Don Brandon of the DBTAC-Northwest ADA Center, will share their "lessons learned" and "tricks of the trade."

The public has several options for participating:

-A free viewing will be offered at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Building L from 2:00 – 3:30 pm. For more information, contact Matt Norris or Vicki Pappas at or call 855-6508.

-Teleconferencing, real-time captioning, or real-time streaming audio over the internet. For more information, see the ADA's page on these options:

Also mark your calendars: Part II of the course takes place April 20th.

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