Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder

The ultimate guide to sensory processing disorder: Easy, everyday solutions to sensory challenges by Roya Ostavar, PhD, is a straight-forward guide for parents of children with SPD. Dr. Ostavar first walks parents through the basics of sensory processing disorder (recognizing the signs, diagnoses, causes, and case study examples), then dives into tips for coping with stressful situations like religious holidays with big family gatherings, over-stimulating vacations or sports games. She steps into the minds of children with SPD to give parents insight and plan their "sensory diets" accordingly.

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Pooja said...

Sensory processing disorder is a disorder of the neurological system seen in children that leads to problems of speech, sight, feel, taste and smell. The symptoms include crashing into objects such as furniture or walls, putting items in mouth that are not food, fear of water and sound and things that produce loud. Children with this disorder have problems like anxiety disorder, frustration, stress. For more details refer sensory processing disorder