Monday, June 3, 2013

Mobile App Monday - Sleepmaker All in One

Got someone who needs sensory input to rest well? This app has feature galore!

√ 110 complete tracks from all 5 Sleepmaker Pro Apps including every track from:
√ Sleepmaker Rain Pro
√ Sleepmaker Storms Pro
√ Sleepmaker Waves Pro
√ Sleepmaker Streams Pro
√ Sleepmaker Wildlife Pro
√ Sleepmaker White Noise [NEW]
√ Multi Tasking - Run the app in the background**
√ Color graded 360 degree select wheel
√ Easier operation at night
√ Turn off app after timer expires switch
√ Glowing timer icon
√ Automatic function to fade tracks out
√ Programmable 24 hour sleep timer
√ Standby mode to save battery life
√ FREE additional tracks and upgrades for life!

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